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Vocal Coach Canangela Boyd-Robertson
Atlanta Georgia 30329 United States


Phone: 404-343-4563



I am a professional vocal coach and keyboard instructor with a Master's Degree in Music and over twenty years experience. I am a solid teacher who uses the theory and foundation of traditional music to empower Contemporary Artists. I primarily teach Gospel, R&B, Jazz Elements, Country, Pop, and Contemporary Christian. I am classically trained and will work with beginners who want to learn classical or musical theater. I am accustomed to working with clients of all levels from beginners to professional. Many of my clients are either already in the recording industry or aspire to be recording artists.

My work as a vocal coach is complimented by my skills as a keyboard instructor. I offer vocal clients an opportunity to learn basic keyboard theory to strengthen their songwriting and understanding of theory.

I also work with my clients on artist development. I work with mic technique, stage presence, and helping clients deal with stage fright.

If you are looking for sound, structured training for your contemporary style, I am the coach for you!

Credentials and/or Qualifications: Master's of Music Degree, Bachelor's Degree in Music,Recording Academy.
Expertise: Vocal Technique. R&B, Gospel, Jazz Elements, Pop, Country, Contemporary Christian, Keyboard
Philosophy: My philosophy is that solid training and education "key" for the success of today's contemporary singer. How_Many_Students_Week: approximately 40 Require_curriculum: Due to the fact that all of my clients come with varied backgrounds and interest, I do not follow a "set" curriculum. At the first meeting, me and the client will customize a plan for his/her individual lesson. This is determined by strengths and weaknesses demonstrated as well as personal goals assessed.
Teaching Restrictions: Ages 12+
Rates: Call for rates.

Special Message from Vocal Coach Canangela Boyd-Robertson:

At I will also offer Instructional DVD's, Newsletters, and Blogs. The Instructional DVD's will include both Piano and vocal products.


Learn How to Sing with Vocal Coach Canangela Boyd-Robertson.
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