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Vocal Coach Jean-Pierre Tibi
Los Angeles California 91302 United States


Phone: (818)225-7021
Other: P.O. Box 9062 Calabasas, CA, 91302



Courses available: - Voice placement - Breathing support - Range expansion - Voice Projection - Understanding expressions like “head voice”, “falsetto”, “belting” etc. - Eliminating stage fright - Preparing for auditions - Performance with a microphone - Recording a Demo (put on CD) - learning to avoid vocal abuse - Learning to keep a voice healthy - Music theory - Sight reading - Songwriting - Basic piano & guitar accompaniment

Credentials and/or Qualifications: Jean-Pierre Tibi. Singer / Songwriter / Film Composer. Recording artist from France. BMI songwriter. 25 year teaching experience. Studies voice and composition in Paris and Los Angeles. MA in Music (UCLA).
Teaching Restrictions: No restrictions. Studio open to all ages, levels and styles.
Rates: >>$50 = Hour, >>$30 =1/2 Hour. >>At your home =$15 extra charge.

Special Message from Vocal Coach Jean-Pierre Tibi:

Singing should be effortless and good voice projection should be easy. However, we get sometimes bad habits, like trying to imitate popular artists or talking for too long. More often, it's our embarrassment to sing in public which is responsible for our holding back of our voice. Because voice production is a complex mechanism involving muscle coordination and depends greatly on mental habits, working alone can be an impossible task. Only a voice teacher can listen to you and help you find again your natural voice. That beautiful voice all children use spontaneously. It's all that simple! Voice lessons should be a pleasure, a stress relief. They must be a safe place to experiment and, most often, should help you discover your natural full voice. In singing, your music instrument is yourself and you can't see it! All what you have is your ear to listen, your body to feel and your mind to guide you. I can teach you all that and more! Once you have found your True Voice, you'll sing naturally with confidence and joy. You'll never need to learn again: you'll know. Then, singing performances will make your instrument - that is you - develop to its best.


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